Gamification of Academic Reading (of Political Science Texts)
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  • 01 - Education
  • 03 – Social sciences, journalism and information
  • 04 – Business, administration and law

1. Student-centered course design

The GAMIFYREAD ID translates in practice as learning paths or routes,which contain both compulsory & optional segments. The learning paths are grouped in larger units called sprints. Sprints then are groups of learning paths,which are traversed in a certain period of time. Each sprint is characterised by students’ intensive & extensive engagement with the study material & their decisions about which optional paths to take to complete the sprint. Each sprint has a map (an example of such a map is attached at 7. Additional Information), in the form of an Excel table, which contains the routes to follow in order to complete the sprint. The routes contain study materials & assignments--called challenges--arranged both in a linear order (the compulsory segments) & in a non-linear fashion (the optional segments). The completion of each sprint is time-bound, that is, each challenge has a hand-in date. Compulsory assignments have fixed completion dates,while optional assignments can be completed throughout the sprint. With the completion of each challenge on the route, the students collect points or credits. The completion of the mandatory challenges represents the minimum requirement. Without carrying out the mandatory assignments, the sprint cannot be completed, the finish line cannot be reached, & the student will not get a passing grade. Besides the learning routes, which incorporate the study material & the challenges, the map of the sprint contains the list with the students’ names. This list acts as a leader board.The students can check how many points they have been awarded for the completion of certain assignments.They can also see the scores achieved by the others in the student group.This way competition between group members unfolds and it is maintained due to the continuous feedback in the form of awarded credits.Credits are awarded for both overall & partial performance. At the end of each sprint,the final score for each student is calculated & the awards are handed out.The awards are power cards specially devised for this instructional design (see them attached at 7. Additional Information).The cards feature different Roman gods & have specific powers.These cards can be retrieved in the following sprint. In terms of their length,sprints last approximately four or five weeks.There are two sprints in one academic semester. INNOVATIVE ASPECTS:differentiated assessment of students’ progress, flexibility of the learning paths,adaptability of design.

Tools, equipment, technology used
Outcomes and outputs, main results
Lessons learnt
Adaptability and sustainability of the best practice (for other institutions)
Promotion of best practice
Scope and impact
  • Course/department level
  • Faculty level
  • Institutional level
  • Cross-institutional level
  • National level
  • EU/EHEA/International level

6.1 Digitalization
  • Outstanding, innovative, excellent practices of online / blended / hybrid learning
  • Innovative, novel methodology in using digital tools/devices in teaching
  • Digital skills development and assessment both general and profession-related, embedded in course design, in teaching and assessment
  • Novel digital solutions (tools, frameworks, devices, tasks to enhance efficiency and motivation)
  • Digital scientific sources used in T&L

Reasoning: Digitalization is present in the GAMIFYREAD ID at several levels. It applies digital scientific resources in the forms of academic material (e-books & documents). Digitalization is present at the level of the innovatively assembled available electronic tools. The use of easily accessible, low-cost electronic tools to create the GAMIFYREAD itself is to be considered a novel digital solution. Both the developer & students develop digital skills in interacting with the GAMIFYREAD ID.

6.2 Internationalization
  • Courses offered to international multicultural students both online and offline

Reasoning: The GAMIFYREAD ID has been applied in courses offered to international multilingual student groups beneficiaries of the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship in the academic year 2020-2021. The course in which the ID has been used are Academic Language Development and Academic Writing.

6.3 Inclusion and diversity, universal design
  • Inclusive course design, universally designed divers activities to meet special students' needs
  • Universally designed teaching material - adjustable for special needs
  • Innovative teaching methodology for inclusion and meet diverse student needs
  • Alternative, flexible assessment methods for students with special needs

Reasoning: The GAMIFYREAD ID meets the requirement of inclusion at a number of aspects. It supports student-centered learning. It makes possible the empowerment of students by offering them the possibility to decide what & when to study. It also offers individually tailored learning paths. It uses a transparent & adaptive evaluation, which acknowledges & awards partial performance. It includes an effective guiding structure & tutor support, both directed towards supporting students' efforts to learn.

6.4 Sustainability
  • Teaching material contains profession related sustainability aspects

Reasoning: Sustainability in the GAMIFYREAD ID is in line with the sustainability goals of the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as follows: 1.The use of e-tools is guided by minimal investment conducive to the best possible result. 2.The shrinking of the digital divide between tutors & students, students & students. 3.It aims at maintaining the recirculation of resources & content. 4.It sustains students' endeavour to fulfill their potential.

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